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Complete Eleaf Istick and Ijust kits for electronic cigarette

The Eleaf brand has been on the market for a few years but has immediately carved out a considerable space in the electronic cigarette market for its ability to create easy-to-handle and economical products, with innovative and precious materials. This company places on the market both complete kits and single pieces that can be assembled for Eleaf electronic cigarettes. Among the leading products of the Eleaf electronic cigarette range, we certainly find the Eleaf Istick kit and the Eleaf iJust kit.

The classic Eleaf iStick kit is among the best-selling models and, above all, the basic model of the line. On the market there are kits with a power that can range from 30 to 100 W; it is practical and has an ergonomic shape, which offers excellent performance. The complete Eleaf iStick Basic kit is another product in the range, ideal for those who want to approach the world of electronic cigarettes.

It has a very powerful battery (2300 mah) resulting in a long life; recharging takes place using the USB cable included in the kit and you can also vape while loading. The battery has a display that indicates charging status and power specifications. The atomizer measures 14 mm and has a very easy mounting system, as well as a comfortable and handy shape and four metallic colors to choose from (gray, silver, pink, blue). The iStick kit also includes two different connectors and the usual user manual.

The Eleaf iStick Pico kit is one of the last presented by Eleaf and has a decidedly reduced shape but, despite this, it guarantees excellent performance. The interchangeable battery has the power of 75 W (which can reach 80 W with a lithium battery). The iStick Pico also features a system suitable for avoiding overheating and has a button for adjustment. In the most complete version, the Eleaf Pico kit is equipped with the Melo III atomizer, more powerful and efficient than the atomizer supplied in the previous equipment, and has a top filling system.

To conclude, it is necessary to mention the Eleaf iJust 2 kit, a natural evolution of the Eleaf iJust kit (which had a considerably lower power), to which significant improvements have been made. The iJust has a 2600 mAh battery, the most powerful of the whole range, while maintaining a small size and a manageable and attractive shape. The atomizer has a capacity of 5.5 ml and allows you to control the flow of steam. This e-cig is also equipped with a device that prevents overheating by keeping the temperature moderate.

Eleaf Lemo and GS Air M / MS atomizers for electronic cigarettes

Atomizers represent the most important and essential part of the electronic cigarette. The atomizer is the cylinder inside which the vapor passes, which heats up and is vaporized to be first breathed in and then exhaled if you want to experience the same pleasure as the classic cigarette without causing damage to your health. Eleaf atomizers, like all the products of the brand, combine quality, practicality, functionality and convenience. The best of the best for all vape lovers.

The Eleaf Lemo atomizer was created for the most demanding smokers. It is made of stainless steel and glass, allows to regulate the air flow and is regenerable. It has a length of about 8 cm and a capacity of 5 ml. The Eleaf family has also equipped itself with a more updated version of this atomizer: the Eleaf Lemo 2. First of all, its constitution in an innovative material such as PEEK allows it to be more resistant and decidedly less prone to wear.

But what, perhaps, is its most important peculiarity is the lateral positioning of the filling hole; this feature allows you to fill the same atomizer without having to remove it. It also has a new and practical design and a regulation of the steam flow determined by the opening of the slot. All this in only about 7 cm in length, with a capacity of 3.8 ml.

The Eleaf gs air m atomizer has been designed to work in tandem with the iStick battery. It has a pyrex tank and a stainless steel body. It also has a capacity of 4 ml and is equipped with a steam flow regulation system. It can be used with a battery that has a power even higher than 20 W.

The Eleaf gs air ms atomizer is joined by the Eleaf gs air ms. It too has a glass tank and a stainless steel body. It has an air regulation system and produces a large amount of steam. In principle, it is combined with the iStick mini battery but can be used with any battery that does not exceed 20 W of power. It has a 1.5 ohm resistance and a capacity of 3 ml.

Finally, their always captivating and fine design makes the electronic cigarette an excellent means not only to vape but also to enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure with finesse and style.

Eleaf Ipower and Istick batteries for electronic cigarettes

Eleaf batteries are many and with the most disparate characteristics. The most powerful Eleaf battery is, without a doubt, the Big Battery Eleaf, an evolution of the iStock battery. While retaining its small size, it offers incomparable performance. Thanks to the display and some buttons, this battery goes from 2 to 10 Volts and from 5 to 50 Watts.

The same display allows you to control the temperature of the device, which turns off autonomously when it exceeds 70 degrees centigrade. It has a 4400 mAh battery, which requires 5 hours of recharging from a wall socket. The connectors are made of stainless steel and the dimensions measure approximately 8 cm in height compared to a width of approximately 4.5 cm.

The Eleaf iPower battery is the most technological of the range. It is equipped with a display that not only allows you to control all the functions, but is also customizable. Its capacity is 5000mAh, with 80W of power. Despite this, it has an elegant design and a compact shape. It has a protection circuit that allows you to avoid damage to hardware and software from overloads and short circuits.

It is recharged with a USB cable to be connected to the computer or to a wall socket using the appropriate adapter. Made of stainless steel, it has a useful spring connector that makes it adaptable to any atomizer. This solution is ideal for those who don't like replaceable batteries.

The largest category is that of Eleaf iStick batteries, each with a different power. Starting from the smallest, that is the 20 W Eleaf iStick, we can say that, despite appearances, it has performances that have nothing to envy to the most powerful batteries. With an aluminum body and the usual display, it boasts an output power of up to 20 W and a voltage of 3 to 5 V. The battery is 2200 mAh, replaceable, and is equipped with a short circuit protection system. Charging takes place using the typical USB cable and has a particular function that allows it to be used even during charging.

The 30 W Eleaf iStick, on the other hand, is equipped with a wattage ranging from 5 to 30 W and a voltage between 2 and 8 V. Its most unique feature concerns the possibility of locking the keys to avoid inadvertent pressing and changes in settings. Finally, in its Eleaf iStick 100 W version, we find the possibility of using multiple batteries simultaneously and the most innovative of temperature control systems.

All components for eleaf electronic cigarettes are guaranteed, safe and of the highest quality. You will certainly not be disappointed by the practicality of these components and by the always captivating and accurate line. Vaping has never been so enjoyable! Try the Eleaf brand products and you will not be absolutely disappointed, on the contrary, you too will discover that you cannot do without them anymore.